A relationship built on trust

Financial decisions are arguably among the most important decisions you will ever make. That is why you will often find yourself doing most of the talking when you meet with us, as we must first understand your goals and concerns in order to help find the best possible solutions for your specific needs. This guidance is one of the most important and valuable services we offer, and it is how we earn and maintain your trust year in and year out.





The Five Elements of Financial Independence

  • Improve all areas of your financial literacy
  • Create, manage, and protect your assets and liquidity
  • Embrace your longevity, live long and prosper

  • Planning for your most hearfelt legacy

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Risk Management


Preparing for potentially catastrophic situations is critical for you and your loved ones. The risk of some situations, such as unanticipated disability/death or long-term care, may need to be transferred to an insurance company.

Other financial objectives may be better addressed by proper asset and income allocation.

Developing a risk managment philosophy that integrates insurance and investments will help you with funding decisions.

Which Financial Risks Concern You the Most?

1) Shortfall or Liquidity Risk- the possibility you will not have enough to meet your short, medium, and long-term goals
2) Human Capital Risk-the possibility that your future earning capacity will not adequately fund your lifestyle
3) Special Situation Risk- the possibility you will not be able to fund a special need for your children, their education, wedding; or any other large purchase
4) Market or Principal Risk- where a downturn negatively impacts the value of an investment
5) Inflation or Purchasing Power Risk- avoiding risk where you may be too conservatively invested
6) Interest Rate Risk- how interest rates change, and how these changes affect your investments
7) Timing Risk- the possibility that you might buy an investment high and/or sell an investment low
8) Taxes and Regulations- no matter how you make money, the government wants its share; but, if you follow the rules, there are many ways you can plan to keep more for yourself, your family, and perhaps your favorite charity
9) Longevity Risk- the possibility that you might outlive your income and your assets; the only risk that multiplies the impact of every other financial risk you take!