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I work with people of means who are so busy living well that they want to work with a trusted financial advisory firm that provides them guidance, tools, advice, and financial solutions that empower them on their financial journey.

I want you to live the best life possible with the money and resources you have1; to enhance your financial literacy and find Simple and Elegant Financial Solutions that address your family's and your business' financial concerns.

Focus Prepare for life, and for you entrepreneurs focus Beyond the Bottom Line.
Direction My exclusive life centered planning process is designed to help you navigate the 5 Elements of Financial Independence, with your life at the center.
Solutions Through our affiliation with New York Life Insurance Company and access to its Advanced Planning Group, Eagle Strategies LLC and NYLIFE Strategies LLC, I design and source life insurance and investment financial strategies customized to your needs.
Commitment  I am here to help.

You work too hard to risk your family and your financial future to chance. 

Let me know how I can help you.

1 Mitch Anthony and Steve Sanduski, Authors of Return on Life
2 Mitch Anthony